Closing Time

We had planned for our closing to be in the middle of May so that we could have a couple of weeks to tackle the most pressing of problems (kitchen, hardwood floors) before moving in June 1. However, our closing was pushed back, so we ended up with only about a week to work on the house before loading up all our stuff and calling this new place home! Eager to get started, we rushed straight from the closing office to our new home and got to work! It was a Friday evening, and we still had to rip out carpet and scrape up linoleum tile before the hardwood floor refinishing guys could come in on Monday.

Catherine’s dad met us at our house, and we set to work. Catherine tore out the green shag carpeting…

…and Bob and I got to work on the kitchen cabinets. Here’s another shot of the kitchen:

We’ve already taken out the drawers in this picture, and if you look closely, you can see the edge of the radiator that was right under that sink.

Our plan was to totally tear out the kitchen, remove the radiator (solve the heat problem later), and install all new cabinets and appliances. By this time, Catherine and I had already planned our new kitchen and placed an order for the cabinets and new refrigerator. All we had left to do was pick up the cabinets and install, but first, of course, we had to tear out the old.

Here’s Bob and I deciding how to take out the heavy cast iron sink before tearing out the cabinets. Notice to the right of this picture the drainage pipe which had been rerouted through the side cabinet…like I said, completely unfunctional cabinets by this point.

And here it is all torn out. Yes, that’s bare brick back there. Now you can see why we needed to move that radiator.

With the cabinets out of the way, I started on removing the old built-in ironing board. A shame, I know. Those built in features are one of the great perks of craftsman style housing. But, it had also apparently been built before the days of functional storage in a kitchen, so it had to go.

Meanwhile, Catherine was still hard at work ripping out carpet and linoleum glued to hardwood under the back room’s brown shag.

But, all good things must come to an end. At the end of our first day as homeowners, we had ripped the kitchen down to a blank slate and ripped up carpet to reveal hardwood floors with lots of potential. Much more to come!


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