Glitter Tile, pt. 1

About five feet up the walls all around the kitchen, there was a pale blue, tan, and glitter gold mosaic tile. Needless to say, that wasn’t going to stay, so with a little help from my dad (who came up with Mom to help out on our first week projects), we got to work tearing out the tile and coming up with a new solution.

Catherine and I had already planned to put up beadboard wainscoting to cover the tile. We actually hit up a Menard’s that was going out of business and scored an amazing deal on some beadboard.

Here’s dad hard at work chipping away at the tiled walls.

After only a couple hours of work, we were left this this:

Meanwhile, because my parents had driven up in their pickup truck, we were able to load all the cabinets and refrigerator and get to work. Oh yeah, we would be building the cabinets! We went with an IKEA kitchen, and it required a lot of assembly. Plus, we’d be installing it ourselves.

Luckily, we have a huge basement, so we got to work putting together the cabinets while the floor guys came in and sanded the floors upstairs.

Here’s Mom putting together a drawer. And here’s a few of the nearly completed box frames for the cabinets.

Putting them together wasn’t so bad, but the installation would be a doozie.


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