The Kitchen, continued

After we tore down the hideous tile from the walls, we were left with a big mess. Our solution was to put a beadboard wainscoting up over the damaged walls. Luckily, Catherine and I found some on a ridiculous sale and bought it as one of our first big purchases for the home. While the floor guys upstairs were busy sanding down the floors throughout the house, Mom, Dad and I were in the basement cutting the boards to size and priming them with an oil-based primer.

In the evenings when the floor guys had gone, we’d go upstairs and begin adhering the beadboard to the walls. Dad brought his nail gun, which really made the process go quickly.

Here it is just going up…

…and on the other wall!

At one point, my buddy Adam came over to help.

These pictures are a little out of order – the wainscoting was going on for quite some time.

But, here’s a peek at the floors in the process of being sanded:

Pretty crazy that those are almost 80 years old, right? They look brand new! It gets even better soon.

Also, we had the floor guys address the problem left after the pantry wall was torn out. Like I said earlier, the floor was left with a hole where there had previously been a pantry. So, we had the workers extend the floor at an angle to meet the hallway. This meant weaving in new maple boards and cutting a new threshold. It will make sense later, but here’s an in progress look:

You can tell the old floor pattern from the cuts made here. To the right in the picture was the doorway to the kitchen, and to the left was the doorway to the pantry. the flooring in the middle was oak, to match the hallway. Here, they’ve already laid down a maple board at an angle. The rest of that space will be filled with maple flooring as well.

Much more to come!


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