Moving Day

After about a week of working in the new empty house, it came time to actually make the big move. For the first week of home ownership, we were working in the house and going back at night to our rental in Lincoln Square (a far northside neighborhood in Chicago about a half hour’s drive from our new home). This was nice, because we were able to get a lot done without having to also run our lives in the same space. But, because our closing date had been pushed back so much, we only had a week to get projects done before moving in.

Luckily, the floor guys finished up in plenty of time for us to move our stuff in. The floors look great! Too bad I didn’t actually get any “after” pictures, but you can see the newly refinished floors in all our current pictures.

While we were working on the kitchen, this was the state of the dining room:

That’s the old fridge on the left, and the new fridge on the right. The stove was going back in, once the floors were done. Here’s a picture of the floors just before the finish was applied:

You can see how the guys achieved the new threshold and wove in the new floor with the existing. Once it was all stained, it looked flawless!

Finally, just before moving, we moved all the appliances back in place (but left the old refrigerator in the dining room to eventually give away on Craigslist). Then, June 1 came, and were moving!

That’s our living room and dining room stuffed with all our stuff. We didn’t want it going to the other rooms, because we weren’t ready to unpack yet. Eventually, we’d move it all to the attic, but for a few days at least, we were climbing over boxes and ripping open bags just to get ready for work!


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