More Kitchen

After the cabinet frames and countertops were installed, all we had left to do was assemble the cabinetry by adding drawers and doors and finish off a few details.

We opted for drawers instead of shelving in most of our base cabinets. This way, we wouldn’t be left with a lot of extra room at the back of cabinets that we wouldn’t be able to access.

It might be hard to tell from the picture, but we also converted this large broom closet style cabinet into a great big drawer by adding some smaller drawers in place of shelves inside and attaching the entire door onto the face of the shelves. This way, the entire pantry opens up like a drawer.

Here it is closed. The base of the cabinet still needs some baseboard trim, but you get the idea.

To finish off the wainscoting we put around the kitchen, we opted to add a 1×3 board across the top with some trim underneath.

Here it is primed and ready to be painted.

We changed out the light fixtures, too.

Yeah, the wagon wheel light fixture had to go.

Ok, only a few small things left to go, then we’re done!



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3 responses to “More Kitchen

  1. Mallory

    um, that is not quite how I remember the wagon wheel light coming down. I believe it took the three of us with our arms above our head for what seemed liked hours while our arms were going numb…..Jarrett you make it look so easy!

    • bungalowbungahigh

      You’re right, Mallory. It was much more difficult. Hours might be a stretch, but yes, my arms ached! There’s a whole mess of wires behind each of our lights, which always makes it more difficult. I just didn’t have any more pictures of the process.

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