The Kitchen – AFTER

This is our first take on AFTER pictures for our kitchen. We don’t have the best camera, but we have a new one on the way (thanks, Bob and Pam!), so hopefully, we’ll update these soon.

First, to remind you of our BEFORE kitchen:

Okay, so it didn’t have much of anywhere else to go but up, but we’re pretty pleased with the results of all our hard work. We still have some left to do (finish painting the trim, caulk around the kitchen sink again), but it’s come a long way.

Come for a meal sometime.



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32 responses to “The Kitchen – AFTER

  1. thosewinklers

    Wow, incredible…hopefully we can come see the house (and you two) on our next trip to the States!

  2. I saw this on apartment therapy!! I am so loving this kitchen, especially the bead board and butcher block counter tops. great job!

  3. Okay, I’ve been trying to explain to my boyfriend how I want our future kitchen to look after we remodel it and in spite of all the apartment therapy posts, nothing hit it out of the park until this. You did a BEAUTIFUL job. I especially love the bead board and the tiny shelves next to the sink–genious! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

    • bungalowbungahigh

      Thanks, foodtopia! Yeah, the key to a small kitchen is to maximize storage – even in tiny shelves. Good luck with your renovation!

  4. I love the kitchen. It is just the look I want when we finally renovate the kitchen in our little bungalow (we picked the same cabinets and counter at IKEA). I love the addition of the metal shelves to give it an edge I now need to look through the rest of your projects!

  5. Love your kitchen and the rest of the house! We just bought a Craftsman bungalow in Indianapolis, and I was wondering where you found the schoolhouse pendants in the kitchen.


    • bungalowbungahigh

      Thanks! We bought our light fixtures on ebay. They’re World Imports brand. You can do a Google search on them and find them at a variety of online dealers. You might also check out Schoolhouse Electric. It’s a Portland Company with lots of great styles to choose from.

  6. martygr


    First of all. I love your renovation. Looks so fresh, clean and usable!

    But I have a question about the cabinets: how is the finish working for you? I saw those in numerous TV shows and magazines, but was not too impressed finally seeing them at Ikea. How do you like them after having them for some time?

    Oook, one more question: is the butcherblock counter easy to keep clean? I love it, love it, love it, but, being a messy cook, I’m afraid it’ll get stained all over and I won’t be able to clean it.

    One more time – really nice remodel.


    • bungalowbungahigh

      Thanks, Marty!
      As for the cabinet finish – we really love it! The best part is how easily it cleans up when we spill things down the fronts. It’s very wipeable and even scrubbable. One thing to consider is how the finish might look in IKEA where the lights are warehousey and flourescent as opposed to how they’ll look in your kitchen, where I’m guessing you don’t have high-powered gymnasium-style lights.

      And the butcherblock is surpirisingly user-friendly. It definitely requires a bit more maintenance (we have to oil it every six months or so) than some countertops, but it cleans up easily. We’re very messy cooks, too, but everything cleans up nicely with hot soapy water. Hope that helps!

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  8. Ooooh this looks nice! Like the butcherblock.

  9. Stephanie

    What a lovely kitchen! Where did you find the material for the curtains?

  10. Thanks for checking out my blog today. Love the kitchen. Interesting because we’re headed for Chicago to check it out next week as a potential place to live. It’s the only city that has jobs in my husband’s area of expertise that we haven’t visited so we’re excited. You had good “bones” to work with and you both did well making a small space functional. Congratulations and happy holidays.

  11. Corinne

    Hi, I love love your kitchen! I had one question about the Ikea butcherblock counters. Ikea’s site lists three different kinds, beech, birch and oak. Which one did you go with? Also, did they come already finished or did you have to do that yourself? Thanks!

  12. i’ve done an ikea kitchen in the past, and you cannot beat the price. i love the ways yours turned out. we just bought an older house with a 70’s kitchen (tho not as bad as your old one!), and what you did is pretty much what i want to do – nice to see how well it works! how’s the butcher block hold up under heat? i am forever putting hot pots on the counter top!

    • @sioux – actually, a hot pot will probably leave a mark on the butcher block. We’ve had that issue a couple of times, so we find it best to lay a towel down or a trivet first. The good thin is that you can easily sand down any marks!

  13. Gorgeous! If I had an Ikea nearby, this would have been my kitchen. I reno’d the kitchen in my 1930s bungalow last fall but used Home Depot cabinets & counters. I love it, but the white would have been much brighter!

  14. Zach

    Who removed the radiator for you? Would you recommend him?


    • Hey Zach, We’d definitely recommend the guy who moved our radiator. Are you local? Mike Jonas was our radiator guy, and he can be contacted at 708-951-4564. Let us know if you need other recommendations – we’ve got them!

  15. Great kitchen reno. I love the way you’ve updated but kept the vintage feel. I especially like the bead board. Good work.

    Wholesale Flooring Pro

  16. Hi there!
    I am a fellow Chicagoan. Actually, Oak park. 😉 Nice job!! Love bungalows. We redid our bungalow kitchen as well. And, we also did a white kitchen! If you are interested, check it out on my blog.

  17. Katie

    Do you happen to have instructions for your cafe curtains? I love them!

  18. Dawn

    I absolutely LOVE what you guys did! It is truly beautiful. I adore everything about it. It is really inviting, I would love to sit down to a home cooked meal in this kitchen. I find it very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  19. So glad to have found you through apt therapy. I’ve had my eye on the same cabinets and butcher block at Ikea. So nice to see it in an actual home. This turned out amazing.

  20. Nichola

    Hi, love your kitchen! We were wondering if you used IKEA hardware or if you bought yours elsewhere? Also did you go with an IKEA sink?

  21. Joey

    That is a great redo! I love it. Quick question… Where did you get your curtains? They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.

  22. WSide

    I love your kitchen! How are your butcherblock counters holding up against stains? They look amazing, especially against that paneling.

  23. This is totally lovely! I love the new storage and the open feel you created!

    I would love to have you come and write a special guest post about this project on my blog Remodelaholic. If you are interested, please let me know via email and I will get you all the details!


  24. Karen

    I’ve been thinking and thinking about how to re-do my ugly (1960’s redo, with cottage-cheese ceilings and soffits) kitchen in my 1918 craftsman, and love yours! It seems doable and we do have an Ikea nearby. I’m still wondering about the butcher block coutnertops. What oil do you use? Did you do any staining first? Is there only one kind of wood countertop sold at Ikea or did you select one out of several? If so, which did you use? The color is lovely. Congratulations! You give me courage…

    • Hi. Sorry for our delay. We use an IKEA oil (Behandla?) to keep our countertops in good shape. They have a couple of different wood countertop options. I’ve even seen people stain the butcherblock a dark color.

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