Living Room AFTER

The Living Room was, again, not one of our biggest projects, meaning it didn’t require a ton of redoing to get it where it is today. We painted, and that was all really. But, like we mentioned in a previous post, EVERYTHING needed to be painted: the walls, the ceiling, the windows, and the trim. We snagged a few pieces of new-to-us furniture when we moved in and pretty quickly set up house.

First, a reminder of the Living Room BEFORE:

Here’s the Living Room today:



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10 responses to “Living Room AFTER

  1. abby dennis

    this room is incredible. so glad you’re sharing these photos.

  2. This room is gorgeous! I didn’t think it was that bad before then I saw the after, amazing!

    • bungalowbungahigh

      Thanks! Yeah, the room before was amazing enough to make us really fall for the house in the first place.

  3. Found your blog through AT and I have to say – as an architect and fellow Chicagoan – you guys are doing great things! And your living room is so chic!

  4. stephanie wilson

    I’ve searched over your beautiful before/afters. I have a 100 year old home that we’ve been ‘fixing up’ for 30 years now. We have a small room, 12×16 that I have finally decided to turn into a computer room with built-in shelving that would also accomodate a desk area of some sort to hold my computer. I would need to ‘cover up’ the cubbies so as not to show my files, etc. I would like it to be floor to ceiling, but have found the shelving units for sale to be unbelievably expensive. Any ideas on how to incorporate a wall of shelving, cubbies/cubes and a flat shelf for my computer? Thanks!

  5. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous! The colors really compliment each other and bring together the entire room. I like your painting by your front door way and that it has a splash of color that still fits with the room. I also like how you incorporated plants and flowers for a natural feel. Overall, you did a fabulous job with your living room! It looks so cozy and inviting!

  6. Whoa that fireplace is GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. It looks great! I can see a white long shag (neat to run bare toes through area rug…or maybe a light taupe so it doesn’t look so dirty so often.

  8. BTW, I wish I could find such nice “new to us” furniture đŸ™‚

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