A Couple of Current Projects

Enough of what we’ve already done…time to show you some of what we’re currently working on. (We’ll go back to documenting work already done soon).

Our current ongoing project involves our back steps. We didn’t really take any good before pictures, but I’ll see what I can find after going through some old pictures soon. To sort of paint the picture, imagine a baby blue room. Now imagine everything…EVERYTHING in that room being the same pale shade of blue: the walls, the ceiling, the trim, the doors, the window frames…yeah, EVERYTHING! Now imagine thirtysome years of dirt streaked on every surface. And picture, if you will, a linoleum floor with royal, baby, and powder blue flecks and gold sparkles. That’s a pretty accurate picture of our back stairwell.

So, we started by ripping out the linoleum floor. We were hoping to be able to sand and paint the steps, but the glue that had been used to hold the linoleum on left the steps in rough shape. So, our next plan is to carpet with an indoor/outdoor carpeting. Forget about that green astroturf stuff. They actually make some very nice and plush varieties.

We also painted a lot and are replacing some light fixtures and hardware. We’ll show you after shots soon.

Our other project is a set of chairs we just picked up. Yeah, they might not look amazing just yet. They probably came out of some restaurant somewhere – pretty run of the mill. But, they have a pretty nice shape. Kind of a throw back to 60s style furniture, which we’re quite fond of. So, we’re planning to recover them and paint them. We’ll see what we can come up with.



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6 responses to “A Couple of Current Projects

  1. Chris Winkler

    Those chairs look like they came out of George’s on Foster. (Remember that ice cream?) 🙂

  2. I sanded and painted a set of stairs (previously with nasty carpet) and now hate it because of the increased noise in our small house. Going to carpet soon…

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