Budget Breakdown

One of the things we really pride ourselves on is being able to live on a budget but still feel comfortable in our space. Both of us work in nonprofit jobs, so budgeting each month is a necessity. But, we don’t feel like we have to live in a dorm room-like environment just because we need to stretch every dollar.

Just as an example, we were thinking about what we actually spent on our living room the other night. There’s a few things we still need (like a rug), but we’ve managed to bring together a comfortable space very inexpensively. Of course, we also acquired all of our stuff over time, which definitely helps, too.

But, just for kicks, here’s a budget breakdown of our living room.

  1. Black Chair and Ottoman: $120 – Craigslist (We actually got this from the designer. It was a prototype he created for Walter E. Smithe).
  2. Nickel Adjustable Lamp: FREE (wedding present)
  3. Picture Frames: $12 – (Three are from Salvation Army, two were gifts, one was from a dollar store, and the other was a clearance item at Marshall’s).
  4. Mantel items: $12 – (Jar from Target; most candlesticks from thrift stores, and we spray painted them black; candelabras gift from Jarrett’s parents)
  5. White Chairs: $150 – Craigslist and IKEA (the covers are IKEA covers for their Lilberg sofa. They just happened to fit the cushions perfectly).
  6. Coffee Table: FREE (It was left in the basement of our house).
  7. Sofa – $100 (Craigslist)
  8. End Table #1: $20 – Salvation Army.
  9. End Table #2: $10 – Salvation Army (This one we actually refinished and painted for the two-tone effect).
  10. Chrome and Vinyl Director’s Chair: $5 – Salvation Army
  11. Curtains: $20 – IKEA (Catherine actually went through the line two times to get these curtains when IKEA was having a massive sale on them and each customer was limited to one item).
  12. Lamps: $10 – Salvation Army and Flea Market.
  13. Sofa Table: $100 – World Market (This was Catherine’s from long ago)

TOTAL: $559.00

Not too bad for an entire living room, eh?


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