A Couple of Current Projects: Update

We’ve been working on the back steps diligently for a couple of weeks now, and it’s come a long way. If you’ll recall, we took a baby blue room and painted, ripped up flooring, and tried to generally make it over. Here’s a shot of the linoleum floor we took up – we didn’t have one for the previous post.

This had been glued to the wooden stairs, so we scraped it all up, hoping to paint the stairs. Unfortunately, the glue left each stair tread pretty well worn, so we decided carpeting would be better. We got things as smooth as possible and were all prepared to get the carpet put down.

But first, we painted the baby blue walls trim ceiling EVERYTHING to a more manageable cream color with white semi-gloss trim. Then, we painted the (you guessed it) baby blue doors black. I have to say I really like the look of the satiny black doors against the lighter creamy walls and crisp white trim, don’t you?

Then, we replaced this light fixture…

…with this one:

But back to the floor. We actually purchased the carpet for the stairs today (we got a remnant, so it was discounted by almost 1/3!). Jarrett was sweeping the floor and pulling up a last minute nail when we noticed the tongue and groove pattern on the edge of the top landing. He started sanding some of the paper and fiberboard that had been glued down and lo and behold – hardwood floors!

You can’t really tell from the above picture, but they’re there! Right underneath that fiberboard and glued-down paper, they’re there. Maple hardwood, in fact. Nice! So, not ones to simply carpet over the hardwood floors, Jarrett set to work scraping more and aiming to finally sand down the landings and refinish them. The stairs we would still carpet.

It proved to be a difficult job, not because the paper and fiberboard was particularly hard to get up, but mostly because of the enormous number of staples someone had put into the floor.

So, needless to say, that task didn’t get done, and the ETA on this project is pushed back a little bit. But, we’re excited to have a couple of nice looking landings eventually.

Oh, and remember these chairs?

Yeah, nothing really special, but they have potential. We picked up this fabric for them today, so hopefully this project will be crossed off our list soon, too.

A little paint, a little reupholstery…I think they’ll look good, don’t you?



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