It’s All in the Details

Buying a home that wasn’t move-in ready blew the minds of many of our friends. It definitely has its challenges, and there’s certainly times when we wish we weren’t stripping paint off of baseboards at 9pm and instead relaxing on the couch in our perfectly finished home. But, there’s also a lot of charm and character in our house that is totally worth restoring. It’s those little details and craftsman features that really drew us to our home.

doorway arch

Like this plaster doorway arch, which we have in the entryway, living room, and dining room (pay no attention to the not-yet-painted trim in the entryway) topped with rich crown molding at the ceiling.

Or the fantastic chandelier that’s hanging in our dining room and has probably been there for nearly 80 years.


Or how about these intricate scrollwork light switch covers, which we have in the living and dining rooms?

switch plate

We also love that every single doorknob in the house is original. We’re so glad that even those that don’t really work well weren’t replaced. Fixing those loose doorknobs is another item on our t0-do list, by the way.


And we feel really lucky to have found a bathroom with original subway tile and porcelain bath fixtures, too. So many of the houses we looked at had seen poorly-done rehab jobs in their past.

bath handle

Those are just a few of the little things we love about our house. Those are some of the great perks of owning an octogenarian of a home.


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  1. These details are so fantastic. I am LOVING the living room too!

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