A Master Makeover – AFTER

It’s been a rainy few days in Chicago, and they sun hasn’t really shone in quite a while, so it’s taken us a while to finally snap a few pictures of our master bedroom. These are the best I could come up with given the gloomy weather. If things brighten up soon, I’ll repost, but for now, here’s our bedroom today:

The room really is pretty dark, huh? We really love how warm it feels. The pictures make it seem much darker, but having navy walls does keep things pretty dim. The white duvet and yellow throughout the room help to brighten it up a bit. As does all the glossy white trim.

We decided to go with bedside lamps mounted to the wall instead of placed on our nightstands. All it took was attaching a small square of plywood (painted the same color as the wall) to the wall above our headboard and mounting the clip lights to them.



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