Our Ugly Red Roof

We really love the shape of our home and the potential it has to have great curb appeal. We’ve already painted the trim around the windows and on the dormer, and we’ve dug up the bushes in the front yard and planted a few other things, but one of the things we really don’t like is the color of our roof. Not that big of a deal, maybe. We’re certainly not going to replace it just because it’s ugly, but we may be due a new roof soon anyway.

Here’s a picture from the summer when we first moved in (the old bushes are now gone, and the white trim has been painted a mossy green color).

See? That’s our red/white (almost candy-canish) roof. Like I said, the trim’s been painted, so pay no attention to the badly peeling window upstairs.

Using Picnik, a free online photo editing software, I played around with the roof a little and came up with some alternate colors. The first is a gray color. Now, I’m not a photo editing genius by any means, so I’m sure I didn’t do this that well. But, hopefully this gives an idea of what it might look like with a darker shingle.


How about brown?

Which do you prefer? Of course, any shingles we get won’t be all one color as these two pictures are, but hey – it’s a start. I know it would be easier to compare if you could see the color of the trim, but I didn’t have a current picture of the house, and besides – look at our lawn! Looks nice and plush, right? Yeah, today it’s muddy, brown, and splotchy.

Brown? Or Gray? Other ideas?


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One response to “Our Ugly Red Roof

  1. Kelly

    I like the grey. I might be biased though. I have a 1912 bungalow in Florida. It has a brown roof and I really wish it were grey. Then I could paint the house almost any color I want. With the brown I feel like I am stuck with some shade of brown or yellow siding. I guess you wont be painting your brick though. I think both are pretty. Good luck.

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