Local Greenie: ReBuilding Exchange

In an attempt to gather up some materials for a couple of garden projects on the cheap, Catherine and I joined our good friends Kyle and Melissa in a trip to ReBuilding Exchange on the South Side of the city.

From their website:

The mission of the ReBuilding Exchange is to divert building materials from the waste stream and make them accessible to the public for reuse, protecting community health, creating jobs, and saving resources. We do this through the promotion of sustainable deconstruction practices, by making used build materials available for purchase at low costs, by providing educational resources and by creating programming that builds community and rebuilds Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Pretty cool  mission, huh? So basically, ReBuilding Exchange deconstructs houses and buildings before a tear down and stocks a large warehouse on 47th and Kimball with all the goodies, like this:

That’s the lumber room, where we picked up quite a bit for our upcoming projects. It’s full of both framing variety wood and old growth lumber, which would be suitable for reclaiming into some pretty excellent furniture.

But it’s not just lumber. We also saw some other pretty cool things like doors,


these cool concrete architectural elements,

plumbing fixtures, lighting, appliances, and a lot more than I can tell you about.

So, definitely think about making ReBuilding Exchange a stop for you next project. Especially if you can be extra flexible with the materials you use or have a woodworking bent to you.


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