Gardening on Our Minds

It’s March, and though Spring is still (hopefully not) a long way away in Chicago, we’re getting excited about our tiny backyard and gardening this summer. Last summer, we had just moved in and were too overwhelmed with the many pressing projects we had to do to really take advantage of our little 25 x 25 foot backyard.

But, this year, we have big plans. We’ve spent some time over the last couple of months planning out our garden. Here’s the very professional plan Catherine came up with:

Those grids are raised garden beds, and all those circles are containers we plan to employ for interest. But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. First, we had to start some seeds indoors. At first, we decided we would just buy seedlings in the spring and not worry about growing anything from seed. But, the  more we read about it, the more feasible it seemed, so we decided to give it a try. We picked up a ton of seeds and a few little greenhouses to get started. Yes, we know we’re a little bit late on some of these, but hey – it’s our first time!

To start seeds indoors in a greenhouse, all you do is either buy a greenhouse and seed starting soil or one that already has the soil pellets included.

We chose the latter. In that case, to get started, you simply water the pellets until they expand, then the seeds are ready to be planted.

We planted lots! Somewhere around 40 different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

To keep track of it all, we simply came up with a chart on our word processor, and Jarrett filled in all the details as we went. You can see our chart here. We planted lots and lots of tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, lettuce, impatiens, basil, sage, chard, and a lot more!

Then, when all the seeds are planted and lightly covered back over with the peat/soil pellets, you simply place the clear plastic liner back over the seeds and place the greenhouse in a warm sunny location.

In a few days, we should have some sprouts!



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6 responses to “Gardening on Our Minds

  1. runyanthree

    We were just talking about doing this too. Hopefully with the birth of Edith we’ll still have some time. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the yard!

    • bungalowbungahigh

      Yes! Yours and Eric’s backyard holds many fond memories for the two of us. We only hope to have such a retreat in ours (which you’re welcome to anytime!).

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  4. martygr

    And I thought I was the only nerd using spreadsheet to know what seeds are in what pellets. 🙂

    I think I got some mold in it, tho. Not sure what to do now – get rid off the infected ones? Try to clean it?

    • bungalowbungahigh

      Ha – great to see another excel nerd out there. Hmm, I’m not sure what you do with moldy ones. We’re definitely newbies at this and are learing as we go. Sorry!

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