Gardening on Our Minds, pt. 2

After planting our seeds, we were energized and ready to take on the back yard and garden. Unfortunately, last fall we didn’t feel that same vigor and left our yard in a pretty sad state. I did at least rake the leaves into a pile, but that’s about where I left it – three big piles of leaves in the backyard.

Okay, we obviously have a lot of work to do to bring this backyard up to par. Gardening is a big start, but there’s also painting, replacing the garage door/steps, figuring out what to do with those awful awnings, and putting in a sitting area.

We started by raking out all the leaves and digging up weeds, overgrown bushes, and random growing things,…

…which actually did a lot to clean up the place:

After cleaning out all the “stuff,” we set to work on our big garden project. We mentioned recently that we picked up a lot of lumber at one of our new favorite finds, ReBuilding Exchange. The plan for all the wood is to build elevated garden beds. The advantage of having elevated beds is that it won’t require as much weeding (hopefully) and we can control the type and quality of soil we use inside.

We decided to build two 3 foot x 3 foot beds and three 2 foot by 4 foot beds for either side of the yard.

All we had to do was cut down the boards and use some decking screws to attach them. Here’s the finished product:

All we have left to do is sink them in the ground a bit and fill them with our new planting mixture (which we’ll make when things warm up a bit).


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