Breathing New Life Into an Old Wood Frame Couch

We’re big fans of the midcentury modern style. We like its timeless appeal and sleek design. When we came across this distressed wood frame couch at our local thrift store, we were intrigued. Then, when the clerk told us it would be only $35 for the two love seat sections plus the chair, we were sold!

You see, we were looking for a small couch for our back room where we’d installed the shelving unit/desk. It had to be small because the room is only about 8 feet wide, and to sit on one end and watch television on the opposite wall while still having enough room to walk in and out of the area, we needed a condensed sofa!

The only problem with this couch was that the frame had seen better days. Both love seats were damaged, leaving one end of one completely broken, and the other rickety, to say the least. The chair was in decent shape, but all of the cushions from the chair and loveseat were extremely dirty and flattened. In fact, we didn’t even get home with those – we threw them out immediately.

But, we knew we liked the shape of the couch, and somehow we had a feeling we could make it work.

At first, we tried to order foam from Ebay and were going to either have covers made or sew them ourselves. We actually went through with the foam order before coming up with our second, easier (and current) solution.

We liked the Lillberg Sofa from IKEA a lot, and had briefly considered buying one of those for the back room of our house.

It has a minimalist feel to it with a simple wooden frame and comfy but simple cushions.

Sometime after we ordered the foam online, it occurred to us that the dimensions of our new wood frame sofa were about the same as the Lillberg Sofa. And, turns out, IKEA sells the cushions and covers separately from the frame. So, we ended up buying 5 Lillberg cushions and covers.

Cushion problem solved. Now, we were left with one functional chair and two broken loveseats. We knew we wanted as much seating as possible, as this was the only room in our house with a television, and we envisioned gathering here on occasion with a friend or two. Turns out, if we attached the two loveseats, making one long couch, it would actually fit perfectly in the room, plus have the bonus of seating four people comfortably.

So, that’s what we did. We carefully removed the left arm from one loveseat and the right arm from the other by simply unscrewing them. We used braces liberally to connect the two loveseats and decking screws throughout to reinforce it. Afterward, we were left with a very long midcentury couch frame.

The cushions fit well in the new furniture. A little bulky, perhaps, and not quite the sleek minimalist feel of the originals, I’m sure. But, they’re comfy and were sure an easy fix. Maybe one day it’ll be worth it to have smaller cushions made, but for now, we’re happy with our own version of a midcentury sofa.



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4 responses to “Breathing New Life Into an Old Wood Frame Couch

  1. Nice work! I love those mid-century wood frame couches!

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