Changing Up Our Frontyard

When we first saw our house last spring, we weren’t blown away by the curb appeal. The landscaping was sort of ho-hum, even grandma-esque: lots of evergreen bushes, nothing flowering, very little of interest. And the three evergreen bushes out front hadn’t even been maintained well, so they had pretty well grown out of control. I think in order to make them look their best, they should have been routinely pruned when they were first planted to keep them full and dense. As they were, though, they were scraggly and bushy only at the ends, leaving a twiggy and bare trunk exposed.

That’s a picture from when we first moved into the house. It may be hard to tell, but they bushes weren’t nearly as densely packed as we think they should have been. Plus, we’re not really big fans of the all evergreen look anyway. For the landscape to be interesting, there really should be some variety to the plantings, and we’re big fans of having something blooming.

Regardless, we had bigger projects to tend to for much of the summer, so the bushes didn’t get much of our attention. Catherine did take a couple of hours to trim them back early on, though,…

…which turned out well.

And that’s pretty much how it stayed for the next four to five months before we finally cut out a chunk of time to address our front lawn. We took an evening or two first to dig out the three evergreen bushes.

(sorry for the blurry picture)

We started by sawing off all the major branches, leaving us with a trimmed down stump. Then, we set to work digging around the base, trying to loosen the bush from the ground. That proved to be pretty impossible, so we make a quick trip to Home Depot, picked up an ax, and hacked the trunk and root system until we were able to dig out the remainder of the bush. We did this for all three bushes, which pretty well wiped us out.

Then, with the ground well-churned, we easily planted a few plants we had picked up: three hydrangea bushes, a Japanese maple tree, some ornamental grasses, purple salvia, and some other yellow and pink flowers.

(still blurry, I know – sorry).

By mid-fall, we had a pretty different looking front yard. All the new plantings were pretty small, and we didn’t have a lot of growing time for them to get any larger, so we’re excited to see how this spring grows our new landscaping. Hopefully in a matter of weeks, we’ll see some new blooms and green shooting up from the brown weathered leftovers.


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