Phone Book Opt Out

We got another new phone book on our front steps yesterday. We’ve not even been in our house a year, and this makes at least two phone books we’ve been delivered. The first one I stuck in the top drawer of our end table in the living room because…well, because that’s what you do with them, right?

But we haven’t used it even once since it’s gone in there. Anytime we need a phone number, we just do a quick internet search, like most people of our generation, and we can get more info than we’d possibly need on the place. Plus, we can do a search for all nearby similar locations, which, in my estimation, at least, pretty much makes the hardbound yellow pages obsolete. Apparently a lot of other people feel the same way, because in our previous building – a larger apartment building – phone books would go piled up in the entryway for weeks before someone finally gathered them all up and either trashed them or recycled them (hopefully the latter).

I just found out about a way to opt out of phone book delivery. I don’t know why that never occurred to me before, but it seems fairly simple. Just go to this address, type in your information, and you can opt out of having the phone book delivered to your door. Hopefully this works; at least, of course, until we need the phone book to make sure future children can reach their plates at Thanksgiving dinner.

image from jbwutx’s flickr stream.


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  1. runyanthree

    done. that’s awesome!

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