New Freezer on the House

We’ve mentioned being a part of the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association before. It’s an organization that exists to encourage Chicagoans to buy and rehab a Chicago bungalow by offering grants and perks to homeowners. We got our home certified right away (even before closing) in order to get our names on the list for freebies they offer.

Recently, we got our first big perk – a free appliance. We wrote an application long ago and originally asked for a big window air conditioner. When our application finally got approved, and we got the free voucher, though, we had different things in mind.

The program, called Energy$avers, offers owners of a certified Historic Chicago Bungalow $500 toward an Energy Star rated appliance at Home Depot or a couple of other local stores. You can use it to purchase a gas stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher – anything! Since we had recently purchased many of those items or were perfectly satisfied with the ones we were left, we decided instead to buy a large chest freezer. We found this one on

The great things about this one are that with the sale at the time, it was right under budget, it’s really large, and it’s frost-free (most of the other chest freezers were manual defrost only). So, with our voucher in hand, we went to our nearby Home Depot, met with the appliance retailer, and had a brand new freezer put on order to ship to us in a few days.

Late last week, it arrived at our house. We’re excited about it because this allows us to freeze many of the vegetables we hope to be growing over the summer months or buying while the produce is at its ripest. We also are interested in buying bulk meat – like, say, half a cow or something. Whatever we end up using it for, I’m sure it’ll come in handy. Plus, it was free!



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2 responses to “New Freezer on the House

  1. How exciting you guys! Congrats on the Big Freeze.

  2. I know where I am bringing all my summer blueberries to be stored:)

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