Painted Wood Floors

We worked on the back steps again this past weekend, as we mentioned yesterday. More on that later, but for now, suffice it to say that it’s a much bigger job than we had anticipated. The landings are hardwood, which we’re attempting to uncover from the glued-down paper backing of the linoleum previously applied. The top landing is nearly there – almost all of the glue and paper has been scraped off, and just about every staple has been removed. However, we did learn that the hardwood floors up there have been sort of piecemealed together: it’s mostly maple boards, but there’s a few stray oak boards in there as well.

So, we’re beginning to think that instead of sanding down and staining the floors, we may paint the landings and continue with the carpeting idea on the stairs. The presence of a thousand tiny staple holes and broken off staples also pushes us more toward painted rather than hardwood floors.

We also saw this great article in This Old House magazine about creating functional mudrooms (which we intend to have our back steps at least partially serve as) that featured many painted hardwood floors for increased durability. These pictures are pulled from the article:

Plus, we found a few others that were inspiring:

(found here)

(from here)

(right here)

Maybe black painted floors to match the doors and blend well with the charcoal carpeting.


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