Loveless Cafe and Motel

This weekend, we made a very quick car trip down to Nashville for a short visit with my younger sister. The visit was so short, we actually spent the same amount of time IN Nashville as we spent GETTING to Nashville. But, it was a great trip nonetheless. Nashville is really beautiful this time of year – all of the dogwood trees were in bloom, as were the redbud trees, pear trees, and azalea bushes.

On Sunday, before our long drive back to Chicago, we stopped at Loveless Motel and Cafe. This place is legendary in the Nashville area, and for good reason. They have amazing biscuits, hams, and jellies as well as a lot of other great foods. It’s a classic roadside motel and cafe now used exclusively as a restaurant and small shops area.

photo from williamohare’s flickr

It’s a great space with amazing charm and appeal. The buildings scattered around the site that used to house motel rooms have been converted into artisan shops. One is a pottery store, another an art gallery, candy shop, gardening store, and a few others.

from blatantgizmo’s flickr

Too bad we didn’t get any good pictures of the space, but several of the funky shops offered a lot in the way of gardening inspiration. Scroll through a few of these pictures on flickr to see what I mean. And if you’re ever in the area, definitely check out Loveless Motel and Cafe.

from jglsongs’ flickr.


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