Happy Earth Day!

Hopefully Earth Day causes us all to reflect on what we are doing to both hurt and help the earth. We try our best to consciously make good and responsible decisions. And we have made some significant changes since first being married. We’ve already blogged here about composting, switched to energy efficient light bulbs, mowing with a reel mower (yes, the mower from WAY back in the day!), taking our own bags to stores, buying locally, and buying appliances/electronics that use less electricity. It’s been about six months since we made the complete switch to cloth napkins. Small step yes, but don’t they all matter? After hemming our kitchen curtains, I was left with a perfect amount of scraps to make a set of 12 anytime napkins. See? Aren’t they great?

We’ve cut back considerably on using paper towels, recycle even though in means a drive to drop it off (come on, Chicago!), and now I’m ready to work on replacing Ziploc bags. Yikes. We already try to use reusable containers for lunches and leftovers as much as possible, and I’ve been known to wash and reuse a bag or two, but I still think we can do better. For me, they are especially easy when freezing, BUT I  think I can come up with another option. So here goes: I’ll report back but I’m going to be making/sewing some reusable snack bags. There are patterns all over the web.

What are you doing? Do you have suggestions for next steps?



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4 responses to “Happy Earth Day!

  1. I’ve really enjoyed using cloth napkins (we made the switch a year ago). Paper offends my face now! 🙂 My favorite part is that we’re not throwing away money with every meal. We’re also trying to eliminate the ziplocks. It’s a hard habit to break.

  2. Stacie Jo

    They ARE great! What a perfect idea too. If only I had some fabric…and sewing skills…

  3. http://www.reusies.com/

    just for you jarrett…

    ps. this blog is great. and i can’t wait to see the bungalow in person.

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