Jelly Jar Light

We have a single light bulb hanging off the corner of our garage (which we only recently discovered how to turn on). Right now it’s just a bare bulb, which somehow seems dangerous to me. I’m thinking of getting this:

It’s on sale for only $10 here . Found on Remodelista – a lauder of all things modern, simple and industrial.



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3 responses to “Jelly Jar Light

  1. Stacie Jo

    Hey to you both!

    This comment is not about a jelly jar light….though it is pretty cool. I love wordpress but am still figuring much of their system out. How does the numbering system on your pages work. For example, if I click on DIY I see four numbers–click on those and they are links “back” to original posts. How did you do that?

  2. Can’t go wrong with the classic jelly jar fixture!

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