Outdoor Lighting

Now that our backyard is starting to take shape, we’re thinking more and more about entertaining back there and just generally spending cool evenings out back. One thing’s for sure, though: we need to illuminate our space a little first. Here’s a few thoughts we have on outdoor lighting for our backyard.

Remodelista recently showcased a few outdoor candle ideas, including this glass bottle/taper candle idea. Pretty simple, but it’s just that sort of easy look we may like.

An idea we had tucked away for quite a while now comes from Mage magazine for a wine bottle torch. A new take on the tiki torch, it could be a great way to provide a little light and keep bugs at bay. I’m most excited about this one and have been squirreling away all kinds of different bottles to pull this one off for a while now.

Maybe a hardwired option like these industrial lights featured at Grassroots Modern:

Of course, there’s the ubiquitous but beautiful string lights, like these at World Market.

And lastly, a DIY project I’m sure we’ll undertake at some point: a mason jar lantern or two for our brick wall behind the patio:


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