Storm Door to Screen Door: Signs of Spring

Our storm windows are still up all around the house. It requires a few hours’ commitment to be able to take them all down, and that’s just something we haven’t really had a lot of this spring. But, the house was beginning to get pretty stuffy, so in order to increase the fresh air flow inside, I made an easy switch this week: replacing the glass in the front storm door with screen.

We have a new storm door. We actually put it in last fall. When we moved in, we had this ugly storm door that was completely uncharacteristic of the rest of our house.

Sorry it’s not actually a picture of the old door, but you can sort of see it in the background. It’s more a storm door you’d expect to see on a farmhouse…twenty years ago. So we replaced it just before winter with a large, full-view storm door with a brown trim, so it would blend in with the front door as much as possible.

It’s nice to have a breeze again.


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