Learning From Our Mistakes (hopefully, this time)

This weekend, we finally bit the bullet and accepted the fact that many of our dear seedlings just weren’t going to make it into adulthood. A lot had started to shrivel, gotten really long but not leafy, or just stunted at around week 2 or so. After doing a little internet research on when it would be appropriate to transplant them outdoors, we realized that those long stalky tomato plants weren’t really going to make good fruit. Instead, they needed lots of light (LOTS of light) to begin with, not a sunny window where they’d have to grow tall to reach the light but not sprout many leaves in return. Many of our seedlings were in the same category, so we sadly dumped a lot out.

We took the best and most promising seedlings and set them under a shop light in the basement. This time, the light is only a few inches above the seedlings. We also planted a couple of new seedlings that don’t need much headstart before we can plant them outdoors. We’re hoping that the bright light and warm temperatures make for some shorter but stockier plants to transplant in a few weeks.

So far, so good. Hopefully this time around they’ll make it!


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