A Painted Floor

The end is in sight for our back steps project. This past weekend, we made major headway on painting the floors. Here’s how it went down. We had already sanded the floor and scraped for hours to get a smooth surface. We used the instructions and video found here for guidance. We began by priming and painting a base coat of our lighter color on the floor.


(Ignore the bad baseboard area for a moment.) Then, we decided on 8 inch squares to create our diamond pattern as we would be able to get about 4 across this way. So, we marked off the 8 inch marks using a tape measure, then began by forming right angles along the wall using a framing square.


Once the diamond pattern was created all across the floor, we used painter’s tape to section off only those “tiles” that we would paint with our darker color.


By the way, we chose a color similar to the base coat for a subtle tile effect. We contemplated doing black and white tiles, but decided that it might be overpowering in such a small space. Also, we were able to get away with only using a paint sample of Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray. Only $2.97!


With the diamond pattern all laid out, we were ready to paint. You’ll notice we put a small piece of tape inside the squares we weren’t going to paint to mark them off. Sounds easy enough to remember to paint only every other one, but once all that tape’s down, and paint is everywhere, it’s much easier to have a visual reminder. Oh, and to get the straight edges, we just used a putty knife to break the tape against.

After painting inside all the taped off squares, we pulled the tape up (while the paint was still wet) and were left with this:


All we have left to do is apply a coat of polyurethane to protect the finish and put the baseboards down. We’re nearing the end!



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4 responses to “A Painted Floor

  1. runyanthree

    That looks really nice guys! I like the diamond pattern idea. Keep it up!


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