And Speaking of Planters…

Late last fall, we picked up these stained concrete planters at Lowe’s for about half price. We were looking for something just like this for a while to go on the brick posts at the foot of our front steps. We put mums in them right away, and when those died, they just sort of set empty all winter.


Last weekend, we decided to fill them up again. We could have gone for one of the pre-made mixes you can just plop down in your planter, but we decided it would be more fun and cheaper, actually, to do our own. We looked to the pre-made planters for inspiration, and this is what we came up with. Humor us here, this “recipe” is also for our sake. We like how they turned out and want to write it down so we can repeat it next season.


We started out with two sweet potato vines. Those are the deep purple and bright green vines on the side. These grow pretty quickly and fall over the sides of planters. They’re used a lot in the planters lining the streets downtown. Then, we put an English ivy in the back. In the very middle, is some version of a dracaena, or spike, plant, I believe (a little help here?). It’s for height in the middle. Around that, we just grouped some colorful annuals: two geraniums and a few moss roses.


I think the key is to pick a few low plants that can drop over the edges (sweet potato vines and english ivy), some mid-heigt plants (the flowers) and something tall (spike) for variety. Now, let’s hope these make it through the summer.


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