A Built-in Mudroom Bench

To finish off our back steps, we decided to build in a mudroom bench. For one, it was necessary to cover the hole (laundry chute) in the floor. And secondly, we thought it would be nice to have a place to park while taking off muddy boots. Also, we can store winter items in the second half of it.

Luckily for us, we already had three sides of it sort of built into the back steps. The North wall provided one side, while a built-in railing of sorts made of beadboard provided the other two sides. But, this plan can really be adapted to any mudroom. As long as one wall provides the back of the bench, the other two sides can be added on with plywood. Regardless, here’s how we went about building a mudroom bench.


That’s the space we started with. The hole on the right is the laundry chute. We started by attaching 2x4s to the sides to create a frame. In the corner, where we had 4×4 posts, we used 2x2s to buttress the existing frame. If we were making this on a wall, we could have simply attached the frame to studs on the wall side.


Then, we attached 2x4s across the vertical supports on the sides and across the back.


Next, we cut plywood to fit the new frame and attached it to the supports.


We then added a middle “wall” to separate the storage area from the laundry chute. We just cut a piece of plywood to create this and attached 2x2s to the floor to brace it. You can see down into the nearly completed frame here.


This “wall” was also going to be adding support to the seat, so to reinforce it, we added little L brackets.


We wanted the top of our bench to open up, of course, so we added these hinges to the back, then cut a piece of plywood for the top and attached it all together.


Next, we primed the nearly completed bench…


…and finally trimmed it all out with some moulding to create a finished look. All that was left was to paint it the same glossy white as the trim, and we were done!




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3 responses to “A Built-in Mudroom Bench

  1. Mallory

    amazed. simply amazed by you guys!

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  3. vikram k

    Wondeful article .Thanks for sharing the information on mudroom bench.I included this link on my website http://www.mudroombench.info .I hope you wont mind.

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