The Back Stairs – Finally Finished!

So, we’ve been stringing this project out for quite a while now. Last weekend, we hosted a party in our backyard, and people would need to use the back stairs to access it, so we kicked it up a notch and finally finished this space. We still need to get a set of hooks to hang jackets on and add some art back here, but the majors are done. As a refresher for what the old space looked like:

That’s the stairs after we ripped out the linoleum, which looked like this:

Like we said previously, we had planned to paint the stairs, but what we found underneath (see above) didn’t really lend itself well to that idea. So, we carpeted…ourselves!

After a lot of sanding, carpeting, painting, and general fixing-up (including a small carpentry job), we were done. Here’s the space now. Note: it’s hard to take pictures in such a small room where the only floor spaces is stairs, but this gives you an idea anyway.










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6 responses to “The Back Stairs – Finally Finished!

  1. gorgeous work. you two are amazing!

  2. This turned out REALLY nice. Great paint job on the floor and love the bench with the hidden laundry shoot. After I tear out some plaster walls in the kitchen, replicating your shoot is the next big thing.

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  4. Love, love, love!!! Especially the checked floor.

  5. I’m in the process of buying a 1959 bungalow. Found your site from apartment therapy. You’ve already given me some great ideas! Not only about fixing and decorating, but on how to structure my blog.

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