Lift Up Nashville

Many of you know that Nashville is Jarrett’s hometown. His younger sister and extended family all still live there. You probably also know that early in May, Nashville was hit with a terrible flood. Many of Nashville’s greatest landmarks (Ryman Auditorium, Opry, Broadway businesses) were badly damaged or ruined. Nashville is still undergoing a huge cleanup to restore people to their homes that were hurt or lost in the flood as well.

One great way you can help is to visit and order one of their posters. Most clock in at around $10, and the proceeds go to Flood Relief – Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund. The posters were created by various designers in the Nashville area, and they’ve rotated out a few designs already. I just got an email from the guy who started it all today saying that THIS FRIDAY will be the last day to order a poster. So, if you have any desire at all, go over today and check out the offerings. We picked up the poster at the top of this post.



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2 responses to “Lift Up Nashville

  1. DC


    I didnt know you were from Nashville 😉


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