Paint Projects

We’ve got a few more backyard projects brewing, and pretty soon, we’ll have those done and ready to show. For now, it’s enough to know that they involve painting furniture – a project we’ve had a lot of experience with before.

We did a couple of our favorite furniture painting projects a few years back. Our favorite local haunt, the Salvation Army (which we’ve talked about on here before), was always good for a furniture find or two. We snagged a giant dresser and a desk and chair for under $50 total!

The dresser was heavy, solid wood, and originally came from Marshall Field’s.

It had been a really beautiful piece at some point, but it had gotten some serious scratches and gash marks on it as well.

The desk was good solid furniture. It was all wood, but the style was a little dated. It had a dark finish and seriously out of style hardware, but the shape was nice. The X pattern on the right side of the desk was interesting, and there was plenty of storage room.

We sanded down both pieces and filled in all the scratch marks and holes left by hardware removal with wood putty, and primed them. Then, we picked up a couple of fun colors, changed out the hardware, and we were done. Here’s the dresser afterwards:

And the desk:

For the dresser, we were able to just spray paint the existing hardware in a glossy black. On the desk, we actually drilled new holes in the center of each drawer and used some glass drawer pulls instead. We also picked up a simple wooden chair that we painted in the same color.

We don’t have either of these pieces anymore, but we’re definitely looking forward to painting more furniture soon. It’s great to give an old piece a new existence.



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2 responses to “Paint Projects

  1. Jess

    OMG JUST gorgeous! Keep up the good work. So inspiring!!!

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