Potted Herbs

We decided to plant our herbs in pots so that we could bring the entire plant inside if we needed it when cooking and to store for the winter. We potted most of them in these galvanized buckets in a tray. The basil plant’s in a bigger pot, because we eat a lot of basil!

To label each plant, we decided just to write on the pot what’s inside. The pots themselves were cheap, so even if we don’t end up reusing them for that plant in the future, it’s no big loss.



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4 responses to “Potted Herbs

  1. bungalowbungahigh

    Thanks, Meghan. We saw this somewhere and had to make it our own.

  2. Heather HS

    Did you know that permanent marker comes off most hard surfaces with rubbing alcohol? Great for labeling plastic tubs and stuff like this!

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