Yard Sale

On Saturday, we had a yard sale along with three families who are friends of ours.


Well, we tried to have a yard sale anyway. The weather didn’t really cooperate. For the first hour, things went great. We had lots of stuff and lots of traffic, but unfortunately, a storm was quickly rolling in, and it wasn’t long before monster rain drops really wrecked our plans. On the plus side, it made the clean up go really fast! So, we’re trying again next weekend. Here’s hoping for a sunny day! In case you’re thinking of having a yard sale soon, we did find this list of things to consider pretty helpful.


Anyone need a desk?



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5 responses to “Yard Sale

  1. isaacrubinstein

    You should list your stuff for sale online. There are several sites that will allow you to do so. I recommend http://www.privategaragesale.com because it’s great and totally free.

  2. I heard the rain was quite frustrating this weekend, and now for part 2. Suck.

    Oh well, I saw your post below and congratulations on one year. It got me thinking. Wednesday will be three years since I left Keystone. Really??!! It doesn’t seem so long ago.

  3. tina

    i heart yard sales and wish i would have known about yours, i would have stopped by. i’m having one at my ‘city home’ in a few weeks. thanks for the helpful tips!

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