Repairing a Screen Window

We don’t have central air, so in the summers, whenever it’s at all nice outside, we like to have our windows open and let the breezes blow through. We also have storm doors on both the front and rear entrances which we convert to screen doors in the summer. By opening both doors, we can get a great breeze through the house, and the screens are absolutely necessary to keep bugs out. Unfortunately, our rear screen door has seen better days. The screen was detached from the frame in several places.


Luckily, replacing a screen is an easy task. All you need is replacement screen, readily available at Home Depot or Lowe’s, new spline (the rope-like thing that keeps the screen in place), and a screen roller tool. I actually found all three of these items bundled together in a “screen repair kit” for under $8.

All we had to do was remove the old spline from the rim of the frame using a screwdriver to pry it out. Then, the old screen came out easily.


Next, we just fit the new screen over the old frame and trimmed around the corners.


The new spline went in easily, using the screen roller tool.


Finally, we just trimmed the excess screen off using a utility knife and then put the new screen window back in the door. Now, hopefully no more mosquito bites indoors now.



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  1. runyanthree

    you fixed this last Friday night right…can’t type a question mark because i’m holding edie. totally noticed it was fixed sat am though.

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