DIY Adirondack Chairs

Catherine’s taking a couple of classes this summer, and if she’s going to be stuck at home studying, she at least wants to be outdoors doing it! The trouble is we didn’t really have any lounge chairs out there comfortable enough to spend hours in reading. So, we explored our options a little bit and decided we liked the simple and timeless look and comfort of adirondack chairs. The plus side was that we were sure we could DIY one of those, too!

So, settled on our chair, we searched online and found a lot of plans! That was encouraging, but we weren’t sure where to start. For one, we knew we liked some of the more modern styled adirondack chairs as opposed to one a bit more rounded. With our existing style, we figured the simpler, the better. Before long, we ran across Ana’s design at Knock-Off Wood.

The straight lines and easy-to-follow directions made this plan the winner for us. We started out a couple of weeks ago buying all the wood. We used simple pine boards, which we picked up at our local hardware store for mostly under $2 a board. We planned to paint it all, so the fact that we used pine instead of a more durable wood, like cedar or redwood, wouldn’t be a problem.

We decided to do all our painting first, so we wouldn’t have to squeeze a brush between all the tight gaps later. That ended up taking a while, as we were mostly working in the evenings after work. One day, we’d prime one side of all the boards, the next day we’d do the other, and then we spent a couple of days painting as well.


Finally, when all the boards had been cut, primed and painted with one coat, we just followed Ana’s plans to assemble.


(That’s my serious face there.)

Afterward, we painted a second coat and painted over the screw heads. I think this’ll be a nice place to study this summer.





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6 responses to “DIY Adirondack Chairs

  1. great work, and lovely color!

  2. Wow-these are stunning. I love how angular they are – and great color! I’m sure you have got a lot of studying done in these.

  3. Hi neighbor!

    Saw your blog on Apartment Therapy, good job! About how much did you spend on wood for the 2 chairs? I’ve been looking for chairs for the yard and these would be perfect.


    • Thanks, Grace! Yeah, that would have been a good figure to include in the post, probably. When we bought these, we purchased wood, screws, and paint at the same time. All told, we spent approximately $60 total. If you only had to buy the wood, though, I’d say you could spend less than $40. Good luck with them! Oh, and when we first moved to Galewood, we somehow found out about your BBQ and have been craving it ever since!

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