A Light Fixture with No Switch

There’s a small hallway in our house between the bedrooms, bathroom, attic, and kitchen, which is more a sort of hub in the middle off the house off of which the other rooms flow. It’s closely connected to the kitchen, so we wanted the light fixture in the hallway to match those we put in the kitchen.


You can see the semi-flush mount schoolhouse fixture in the picture above. We wanted to use the same fixture in the hallway, but the only problem is that the hallway doesn’t have a light switch. The existing fixture was just a light bulb with a pull chain attached. And, unfortunately, the schoolhouse fixtures we ordered for the kitchen don’t come with a pull chain version. So, we decided to make our own. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to convert a light fixture into a pull chain fixture. Here’s what we did.

We started off using the exact same fixture as we used in the kitchen. We bought a 2 Wire Light Switch, designed for ceiling fans with light conversion kits. You can pick this up in the ceiling fan area of a hardware store.


Next, we drilled a hole about 1/4″ in diameter on the side of the light fixture. This was where the switch would actually come through the fixture. You can see in the picture below where I started to drill a hole, then realized it needed to be further down to account for the size of the switch. Luckily, I was able to paint over that before installing the fixture.


Then, we put the switch inside the light fixture with the pull chain piece coming out the hole.


The switch has two black wires. One should be attached to the black wire from the light fixture and affixed with a wire nut.


Then, the fixture can be installed into the light outlet on the ceiling just like you would have originally. The other black wire from the switch should be connected to the black wire from your outlet, and the white wires should also be connected.


Ta da! We then just got a pull chain with a knob on the end to connect to the new switch. Easy job and definitely worth it to match the nearby schoolhouse fixtures.



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2 responses to “A Light Fixture with No Switch

  1. That is pretty cool! I am putting the schoolhouse lights in our kitchen, too. Love them!

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