A Quick Guest Room Makeover

This week, we decided to take our neglected guest bedroom and finish things up a bit. Only, we wanted to use what we had on hand and spend absolutely no money on it. Luckily, we had already begun finishing the guest bedroom (painting the walls, installing a light fixture, putting furniture in). We just hadn’t quite actually finished any of the projects yet. We only painted about half of the trim, we painted an old dresser only to let it fall into a bit of disrepair, and we haphazardly threw together whatever useful items we had (comforter, curtains, pictures) without much thought for how well they actually went together.

But even that was progress from where this room started. Let’s take a look at the evolution of our guest bedroom. On the day we closed on the house, we took this picture of the room:

That’s Catherine in the bottom corner working to pull out the faded and dirty green shag carpet. Once it was out, there were beautiful (albeit worn) hardwood floors underneath:

Once we had those sanded down and refinished, we set up a bed and a wardrobe just to make the room functional. I’m pretty sure we skinned Grimace and laid it over our bed.

Eventually, we moved in this dresser (which didn’t always look as bad as it does below), and painted the trim on the window kelly green.

This is the window in the process of making its transformation:

So, tired of the neglect this room had faced, we decided to spruce things up a bit. We painted the previously green window black, finished up (most of) the trim painting, repaired the painted dresser, and changed out the bed linens. The results are below:







So, what do you think? Pretty good for zero dollars?



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8 responses to “A Quick Guest Room Makeover

  1. Dan

    Nice job! Love the bedside table lamp, it looks adorable on the more traditional bedside table with that clock. And VERY impressive for no money spent!

    I’ve been lurking for a while now and I’m so impressed with how fast you guys seem to get stuff done! It’s kind of like those reality tv makeovers (in a good way).

  2. very impressive. love it.

  3. Oh nice! Lucky guests.

  4. runyanthree

    I like the chandelier–is that one from Jarrett’s parents that you guys used to have black? It looks really nice. We are starting the curtain/blind project for our garage today…we’ll see. 🙂

  5. you guys are so talented! I’m happy I found your blog this weekend, I’ll be back here to see and get inspired by all your DIY’s. I wish I had a space in my tiny home where I could do my DIY’s … well, when the new home is finished I’ll get myself a nook for all my small projects. Have a lovely sunday!

  6. I have those lovely sheets. Very calming.

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