Garden Update

The weather here has been a bit crazy. It’s been hot, but it’s also stormed nearly every day for the past two or three weeks. Lots of rain can make for some not-so-great gardens, but ours seems to be weathering the storms pretty well.

In fact, just this past week, we noticed that most of our vegetable plants are producing some really great looking fruits. Our lettuce and leafy vegetables are mostly doing really well. We’ve been able to have a couple of salads so far and are ready to harvest some more this week.

Our tomato plants are growing well, too. Unfortunately, we didn’t cage them when they were still small, and now they’re probably to big to try to wrangle a cage over. However, we did stake them, and there’s a fence behind them, which will hopefully all work to help keep them upright and flourishing. We have a few good-sized tomatoes on our Early Girl.

Beans ready to harvest and snap peas coming right along:

Our squash plants are enormous! These are some of the only plants we started from seeds sown directly in the ground.

They have these lovely yellow blossoms on them, but still no fruit yet. Someone told us you can actually cook and eat the squash blossoms; they’re all over the farmers’ markets around here. Does anyone know how to do this or ever tried it?

And finally, even our dwarf meyer lemon tree is getting in on the action. This little guys made an appearance this week, though I’m pretty sure the tree is too spindly and small at this point to support the weight of a full-sized fruit.



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12 responses to “Garden Update

  1. mick

    I just found your blog and I love it! Such a design and DIY inspiration. About the zucchini blossoms: the way I’ve always seen them served is stuffed and fried. I’d imagine you can stuff them any way you like, and they’re really delicious!

  2. I experimented with squash blossoms last year. Our favorite preparation involved mixing some goat cheese with fresh herbs, stuffing into the blossoms, dredging them in flour mixed with salt and pepper and sauteeing them. Delicious and beautiful

  3. I planted 2 different kinds of tomatoes in pots. I didn’t cage them either and now one of the plants (the bigger one) is really really leaning (we’re in Berwyn, IL too and had those horrible storms). Any clue how to fix this problem?

    • bungalowbungahigh

      We had the same problem after those crazy storms. I was actually able to upright the plants and pack them back into place while the ground was still soft and stake them with bamboo stakes. Maybe try wetting the ground thoroughly and packing them back in place, adding some stakes and tying them in. By the way, great site with great photos!

  4. tina

    hi. i sent catherine some squash blossom recipes today, tho it looks as if you may have already tried some. i heart your blog.

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  7. Your garden looks nice! For your squash blossoms, you can just simply fried it. Wash the veggie and get rid of the excess water. You only need to mix some all purpose flour and baking soda. Then dust the squash blossoms with the flour mixture lightly. Fry the blossoms over a medium heat until golden brown. You can serve it with chili fish sauce and rice. You must try it.

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