A Home-Grown Meal

The other day, we mentioned wanting to cook our squash blossoms. Several readers recommended their favorite ways of preparing them and even sent us recipes. We decided last night to take one of those recipes and make a meal of it. We ended up eating a squash blossom frittata, loosely based on the recipe found here. We didn’t have several of the ingredients, so we substituted some and added a few ingredients of our own.


We started with four squash blossoms, washed them and dried them (important step as the blossoms were covered in dirt and ants), and then chopped them coarsely.


We added some green onions and garlic and sauteed them all in a pan.


We included some chard from the garden, four eggs, some milk, blue cheese, romano cheese, and a chopped tomato.


Our garden beans were ready to pick, so we harvested that crop and added them to the meal.


I think we’re really going to like gardening in our backyard.


Next up, battered stuffed squash blossoms!



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3 responses to “A Home-Grown Meal

  1. beth nielsen

    wow, what a great idea! is a cooking blog next, perhaps?

  2. Jess

    Ok wait, I see the meal, I see the ingredients, but I dont know how it actually tasted! The final pic is so inspiring that I need to know how the story ended please!!!

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