Another Project Underway

Maybe it’s because we’re just too restless and can’t leave well enough alone. Or maybe it’s because in reality, we’re energized by always having a project to be done. Whatever it is, we broke our “no major house projects over the summer” rule and began yet another semi-major DIY this past weekend.

In our basement, we have an extra bathroom. It’s great having that as an option, but I could probably count on both hands the number of times it’s really been used for a full shower/get-ready-for-your-day kind of using. You see, it’s old and dirty, the sink is broken and only allows a small trickle of water, and the shower sprays water in a crazy all-over-the-place kind of stream. The linoleum floor and tiled walls are pretty dingy and worn out. For a few reasons, we’re thinking it would be nice to have the extra bathroom down there soon, so we decided to have at it.

Here’s the bathroom before:


Not too bad, right? It’s not going to be a huge project, and we’re doing no major work. We mostly just want to replace the tile, the floor, and the sink that, though really cool, doesn’t work and is rusted through. See?


Here’s the shower. That’s the same tile we tore out in our kitchen upstairs.


Bad linoleum floor (same as the back steps):


So, armed with chisel and hammer, one hour later, we were left with this:


More on this project very soon!


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7 responses to “Another Project Underway

  1. the window in that bathroom also looks really cool. are you going to try and reconfigure it? it looks like there was a differently shaped window there before that they just squared up.

    • You’re right. All the windows in the basement look like this now. It’s a very “Chicago Basement” sort of thing to do. We still, luckily, have the original window in the street-facing side of the house, which is really lovely. The rest, I’m afraid, will stay this silicone block style. I’m not sure what we’ll do with it, but it stays!

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