Bathroom Inspiration

Well, we’ve torn out the tile and ripped the old sink out. We still have lots of work to do to pull our basement bathroom together. As usual, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite bathroom pictures to serve as inspiration as we go. We’ll definitely be pulling ideas from each of these:

(Groves and Beckstedt bath from NY Times)

We’re always inspired by the Ace Hotel, and these bathroom pictures are no exception:

This bathroom found at Remodelista has great dark slate floors and white wall-mount sink:

We’re thinking of black ceilings to camouflage the pipes running overhead like these:

And finally, these great galvanized shower surrounds may make an appearance at our house. This one’s from Country Living:

and this one’s from Remodelista:



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5 responses to “Bathroom Inspiration

  1. I love the bathroom from remodelista with the wall mount sink. that bathroom is our inspiration for the bathroom we are putting back together as we speak. looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. I love all of these for inspiration! Especially the galvanized.

  3. Hey! Complete stranger via a search for galvanized shower surrounds here! Your place looks amazing. The living room color scheme is almost exactly what I’m thinking for mine. Love it!

    I’m about to dig into a renovation of my boyfriend and my apartment (avec before and after photos eventually!) and am wondering if you were able to find out much info on the shower surrounds. I know that Ryan/Country Living is a carpenter; I’m simply an adventurous lady, who is unafraid of a saw, with a close-to-carpenter father I could enlist if needed – but I’m slightly concerned this is over my head. Does it need to run from the floor up (behind the tub) or could you run to the tub and seal the meeting of the two materials?

    Sorry for the super long post, just anxious to hear what others might be thinking!

    Thanks! Seriously, everything looks so fab.

    • Jules, Thanks for the kind words! The shower surround is still very much a work in progress. Just picked up the actual galvanized material recently. I’m planning to cut it with a jigsaw to fit (I’ve seen this done – hope it works), and we’re definitely going to be running it to the “seam” between the shower base (or tub in your case) and the wall, then seal it up with a silicone, I think. When we actually go through with it all, I’ll let you know what we ended up doing. Thanks for dropping by.

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