Garage Updates (some made, some needed)

I finally got around to replacing the bare light bulb hanging on the corner of our garage with this jelly jar light fixture we blogged about some time ago. Here’s the sad exposed bulb before:


And now with a little protection.



Simple change, no doubt, but needed. At least for safety reasons. Plus, I like the simple, timeless style of the jelly jar. And for under $10 at Ace, it was a definite upgrade.

Ignore for a moment the bare, badly trimmed garage door. For about a year, we were left with this solid wood door. (Picture from March of this year – wow, how the backyard has changed!)

Nice, but severely rotten. It had almost totally rotted off its hinges, and the bottom of the door only needed a swift kick to fall apart completely. So, a couple months back, when my dad was in town, we replaced the rotten door with this steel one. We bought the new door pre-hung, so we tore out the old door and framing and planned to pop this one in place. As with most projects around here, it didn’t go quite that smoothly. The garage wasn’t (of course) square at all. In fact, it leaned ever so slightly to the right as well as to the front. So, with much grunting, shimming, and sweat, we finally got this steel door securely in place.


Now, though, the brick mould (trim around the door) doesn’t close off the gap. So, I’ll have to trim it out again soon to mask the leaning quality of the garage. But, at least we have some security in there and a door that works. Also, we have to paint it. We’re thinking of a bright, fun color, since it’s in the backyard and not visible from the street. Also, a bright color would go well with our somewhat bohemian backyard.


What about turquoise?


Or this pea green (or “grellow” as Meghan calls it), stolen from here?

They both look great with gray houses, which our garage is. The latter might not look great with our trim colors on our house, but maybe we should just treat the garage as a different beast entirely?

Either way, that project might not be happening for a while – we have lots to do!



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2 responses to “Garage Updates (some made, some needed)

  1. Wow! I’m here! How exciting. It is called “Garden Sprout” by Behr.

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