Bathroom Updates

Our current project is our basement bathroom. Little by little, we’re amassing all the things and completing all the projects it’ll take to finish the room off. One of the most important things we had to do was replace the nonfunctional sink:


A few days ago, we told you about this great wall-mount sink we picked up from Jarrett’s parents:

Well, we finally got around to installing it. First task in the bathroom remodel done!

The sink definitely needed a bit of a cleanup before installing it. From the overflow valve, large chunks of rust were flaking off, so we first took it out in the yard and sprayed it with a good stream of water from the garden hose.


That did a good job of setting loose all the chipped and flaking pieces.


Next, we removed the drain, which was corroded and losing its chrome finish. To protect the drain for the future and to keep it looking shiny and new, we simply used a metallic Rust-Oleum and a sponge brush to slap on a new chrome finish.




This sink came with a mounting bar. It was a bit rusty, but we just painted it with some Rust-Oleum, and it was as good as new. Using a level, I lined it up on the wall, attached it with several screws to be sure to hit a stud (this sink weighs about a hundred pounds), and finally slid the sink right in.


Bingo! (Notice the fly on the lip of the sink. It was especially hot and buggy when I installed the sink, and that little guy was right by me the whole time). Now, we just need to clean it up a bit and caulk around the rim after painting the wall. Just a few projects more, and the bathroom will be done!


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6 responses to “Bathroom Updates

  1. Nice work! Thanks for checking out my site today. We’re living in fully-furnished right now (lovely site in the mountains) but look forward to our own place soon so we can do what you’ve been doing fixing up. Cheers, Dee

  2. It’s going to look great! I’m kind of glad the Ikea sink didn’t work out since the old reused one is super cool. Out of curiosity, did you consider having the old sink powdercoated and replacing the faucets? I know nothing about pricing on that, just wondering.

  3. Thanks, Daniel. And yeah, we did think about rescuing the old sink. We had our tub upstairs reglazed like that, and it was definitely worth the couple hundred we paid for it. For the old sink, though, the rust was so bad, that there were deteriorated portions and holes were forming. The faucet is also pretty unique, and though we didn’t look very hard for a replacement, we weren’t able to come up with something similar very easily. So, we thought we shouldn’t drop a lot of money on an end product that might not look so great after all.

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