Compost Keeper

We’ve been composting for a while now, and we’re excited to finally use all that rich compost next spring when we begin gardening again. For a long time, we’ve kept all our food scraps and compostables in an old coffee can under the sink before taking them outside to our larger compost bin in the backyard. It wasn’t even one of those nice tin ones; it was a foiled carboard can. Needless to say, after several months, it had seen better days and smelled…well, not so great!

Finally, we decided to upgrade to this ceramic model.

While nothing super special, it’s a definite upgrade for us. It looks nice enough that we can keep it on the counter (since that’s where it usually ends up staying anyway). The lid allows air to get inside, which is necessary for a healthy compost.

AND, most importantly, it has a nice, replaceable charcoal filter inside to keep the smells under control.

A much, much better solution!

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  1. Valerie E.

    I love our compost bucket! I bought the stainless one, since everything breaks in our tiny kitchen. But I have less compost to put in it now, since we started keeping backyard chickens. They love kitchen scraps.
    We use a biodegradable liner with our bucket. It helps to cut down on the whole ick factor.

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