Bathroom Updates: Nearly There

We’re coming very close to being done with all the bathroom updates we’re making to our basement bathroom. From installing a new (to us) sink to laying a new floor, we’ve done quite a bit to spruce up the dated and frankly creepy bathroom.

We’ve put most of the finishing touches on the bathroom, and we’re almost ready to show the final product. As we referenced in this post on keeping our basement dry, we used Behr’s Waterproofing paint to give the masonry walls a fresh coat of paint. We’ve also done some trimwork, installing shelves and updating an old medicine cabinet. Here’s a bit of the room in progress:

That’s a shot from before we started any of the bathroom updates. You can see the medicine cabinet above the sink there. It’s actually a pretty cool cabinet. It’s from 1923, has an etched pattern in the top, and is seriously heavy duty. We decided to keep it in the room, but change the mirror out and clean it up a bit to fit the room’s aesthetic. Don’t worry – we kept the great mirror and plan on incorporating it somewhere else.

First, we removed the door, and took out the old rusty (but still in good shape) cabinet. We simply gave it a new coat of glossy white spray paint and primer…

Then, the mirror easily came off of the door by removing the four screws holding it in place.

We had a mirror cut to size at Lowe’s (did you know they’ll do that?) for under ten bucks. We also picked up a product called Mirror Mastic that’s like a glue to hold the mirror in place.

Once all of that was put back together, we just popped the medicine cabinet back in, screwed it in place, and we were done! Now we have a much more clean and streamlined medicine cabinet to go with our new bathroom:

Oh, and in the mirror, you can catch a glimpse of the galvanized corrugated metal we’re putting in place as a shower surround. Here’s a bit of the work-in-progress. Stick around for a full reveal as well as a how-to (because we went through a lot of trial and error on that!).


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3 responses to “Bathroom Updates: Nearly There

  1. Beth Ann

    Love, love, love the galvanized shower surround idea! Can’t wait to see your “reveal.” Go bungalow!

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